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Ultimate Guide To Bloons Tower Defense 4

One of the most unique online games has been Bloons Tower Defense and you can now play version 4 right here. With three previous versions released so far you can see that the developers have put a lot of effort into making the game new and exciting.

The basic idea of the game is that it is your task to help the monkeys in their battle against the Balloons (Bloons for short). You do this by strategically placing a defense tower which then pops the bloons.

This might sound very simple, but as the levels increase so does the difficulty. To get the most out of this great game keep reading our guide and get ready to play it right here on this site.

What Is The Aim Of Bloons Tower Defense?

The aim is to get through all the different levels and helping the monkeys to kill their enemies the Ballons. The bloons take a different layout and path in each level, so every time you start a new level you have to quickly assess the situation.

You then have to place defense towers in a way that will result in all bloons being popped. But look out, the bloons are evil and can do you harm as well.

It will take you a combination of fast and strategic thinking, as there is limited time available. If you place your towers in the wrong place then you risk losing the level.

How Do You Play The Game?

At the start of each level you have to quickly asses which route the bloons will be taking. Once you have that part figured out you will have to make a quick decision to place your tower in the best place.

But if you do so where not all bloons will be passing by then you will not complete a level. Some bloons will also be a lot more difficult to kill and more than one shot will be required.

All the balloons have different sizes and colors that indicate what their superpower is. Some are faster and others take more hits to pop. Some have immunity to different towers so you have to be very careful what types of towers you place.

Your towers also have different features. You have to spend your in-game currency to use the different features and upgrade your towers. The important thing is that the towers you pick will determine how fast you can succeed or fail. Some towers are useless against certain balloons and you will quickly figure this out. That is where the whole strategy part of this game comes into play.

It will take you a little getting used to but you will find this so addictive and entertaining that failing some levels will actually be fun. The more you fail the more you learn about the different abilities you have in your arsenal.

What Are The New Features?

With version 4 the developers have introduced a load of new features. So far it has been the biggest update to the game and you will love the new game play this gives you. Let’s take a look at some of those features.

Graphic Upgrades

One thing you will immediately notice is that the graphics are far better than in the previous version. Towers are a lot more elaborate and you can see a lot more detail on the different maps.

New Towers

In total, there are six new towers available that will give you more balloon popping ability than ever before. This means you can change tactics and strategies in the various different levels.

New Bloons

A couple of new balloons have been introduced so that it doesn’t get too easy for you to succeed with all those new towers. The “Camo Bloon” is most notable and will really test your skills. These types can evade a lot of towers altogether and you will have to figure out which ones those are.

New Maps

In total, you will have 9 free maps and 8 premium ones which have to be unlocked with game coins. The free maps are more than enough to get you going and are split into beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert. Believe us when we say that you should start with the beginner levels.

How To Get Flash Installed

You will need Adobe Flash installed on your computer in order to play this game. If you want to play it on your iPhone or iPad then you are unfortunately out of luck. Flash cannot be installed on Apple’s iOS platform.

It doesn’t matter whether you have Windows, Mac OS or Linux installed, you will be able to get an installer for Flash. The easiest thing to do is to use the free version checker on the Adobe website. This will tell you if you need an update or even the full installation.

Once you are fully up to date you are ready to go. All Flash based apps and games will now work on your computer. You will not have to go searching for a specific installer for your computer. Or worse yet, try and find an emulator that will make it work.

Flash is basically a universal multimedia platform, and as long as the developer has made it available for Adobe Flash you will not have to worry about whether or not it will work on your system.

Start Playing Now

We have saved the best news until last. If you want to get playing right now then you can use the version we have available right here on this page. No need to go searching for the latest update or end up on a website where the game performance is less than optimum.

If you want to check out the newer version of Bloons Tower Defense then you can also play version 5 right here on this website. With no mobile apps available yet you will have to use your computer, but this gives you a much larger resolution to work with.

Start playing right now to see how you can help the monkeys in their epic battle.


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