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Bloons Tower Defense 5: The Ultimate Game Play Guide

In the world of online gaming there has been quite a popular contender for the top spot: Bloons Tower Defense 5. As you can tell from the name it has gone through a few iterations, and the latest version is number 5.

This means that the creators of this simple, but highly addictive and enjoyable game are bringing you very regular updates. Essentially this shows that NinjaKiwi is not simply interested in getting a popular game out there and then forgetting about it.

So, when it comes to Bloons Tower Defense, you might be wondering what is it all about? Keep reading and find out more.

What Is The Idea?

Here is the really simple answer. It is your task to set up monkey towers with the only purpose to kill and destroy Balloons, or Bloons for short. Now, before you think this sounds stupid and boring you really have to give it a try before you decide. As the old saying goes, you should never judge a book by its cover.

The fun way the game is presented is that you are in charge of one side of an age old deadly battle between sworn enemies. Monkeys hate Bloons and Bloons hate monkeys.

With you in charge of the monkeys your task is to set up defense towers strategically to help kill all the bloons. In the very early stages of the game this is quite an easy task. It is during these levels that you learn how to use the controls and what the different towers do.

At this time, it is important to highlight that there are many different towers available and they all kill bloons in many different ways. Getting to know how these different tower upgrades work is important to your success in the game.

So What’s New?

If you have played the previous versions then you will notice some pretty significant changes that have been introduced.

First of all, there are now 8 different types of tower upgrade, two more than in the previous version. This means that there are new and different tactics that can be employed.

Secondly, there are some pretty cool upgrades to the bloons. For example, the camouflage bloon is now much deadlier in its effect. And the heart bloon is a lot more resistant to death than before.

In each round you play, you can now also deploy a secret agent that will help you kill the bloons. You need to spend monkey money that you have accumulated in previous rounds without getting killed. Just be aware that you can only deploy one secret agent per round.

New Graphics

When you first look at the new game you will probably notice that there is less detail in the game. This is due to reducing game stuttering at later stages in the game. However, you will also find it a lot easier to tell the difference between towers and bloons.

If you really like the game like most people that start it, then you can register a free account with NinjaKiwi using either Twitter or Facebook. This will then give you the ability to save your progress.

You will also be given the option for some paid transactions, but for the most part you will be able to enjoy the game without having to pay for anything.

How Do You Play It?

The idea is quite simple really. On each stage, you are presented with a different path layout along which the bloons will go. It is your task to strategically put your towers so that you kill them all. Initially this is very easy, but it will become increasingly more difficult.

You will get to stages that just seem to be impossible, but you will find it impossible to give up as well. If you do struggle and are impatient then you can check out one of the endless number of YouTube channels dedicated to giving you solutions to different stages.

Just make sure you don’t let those evil bloons kill you and your friends.

What Are Flash Games?

Bloons Tower Defense 5 is a flash based game. This means you do not have to install an app or software. The only thing you need is Adobe Flash, but you are very likely to have this installed already.

One thing to keep in mind is that flash games do not work on all mobile and portable devices. iPhones and iPads are some of the main examples as they do not allow for Adobe Flash to be installed.

However, desktop computers and laptops running Windows, Mac OS or various forms of Linux can be set up with Adobe Flash. To check if you have the latest version installed just head over to and use the version checker to make sure you are fully up to date.

This will also tell you if you do not have Adobe Flash installed and give you the option to download the latest version. This is a really simple process and only has to be done once. As soon as the installation is complete we suggest that you quit and relaunch your favorite browser to make sure the latest Flash version is fully set up.

Kill Some Bloons Right Here!

The great thing is that you do not have to go and search for websites where you can play the game. We have made it available right here for you and this means you can start killing some bloons for yourself right now.

As already mentioned above, if you want to save your progress then you will need to register, but that is really simply done with a Facebook or Twitter account. We highly recommend that you register with NinjaKiwi as it can be very frustrating to lose some of that hard-earned progress.

Once you have gone through the first couple of stages, just try to exit the game and then use the registration feature. It is completely free and you will also get some updates and game news.

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