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You Will Love The Beats In Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a fantastically addictive game that is mainly based on rhythm and beats that play in the background. Every level is different from the obstacles to the music playing. What is really unique about this game is that from the very first level you will find it very difficult to master.

Usually games like this will start off with really easy game play that will get you used to the controls. In this game though you have to be on top of your game from the very first time you play it. The reason is that the controls are actually really simple. All you have to do is make your character icon jump.

The difficulty lies in the timing of each jump and you will notice that the jumps often align with a certain beat or bass line. If you have heard of the game and want to figure out more about how to best play it then keep reading this guide.

What Does The Game Involve?

Geometry Dash basically centers around some pretty simple characters like cubes, balls and UFOs. It is your job to make sure that these characters avoid all the deadly obstacles that will kill you. Each of them will also behave in slightly different ways and there are also upgrades that you get through game play achievements.

When your character dies, you have to start the level over again, and it takes quite some skill to get to the end. The way you control your character is to press the space or arrow keys on your keyboard.

Every time you press the keys your icon will jump. What you cannot do is speed up a slow down the game play, unless you touch a speed portal in a level. What you will quickly figure out is that the rhythm of the music is very important. The more that you feel the beats the better you will be able to time the jumps to avoid getting killed.

There are also loads of different types of portals that introduce significant changes to the game play. For example, the speed portal will make your character speed up, while the size portal will change its size. There really are too many such objects to go into detail. And to be honest, it is much more fun to just encounter them by surprise.


Unlock New Levels

At the end of each level that you successfully complete you will be rewarded with coins. With 3 coins rewarded at each level you will save them up to unlock new levels. Of the 21 predefined levels 3 are called secret levels and the only way you can play them is by saving enough coins.

“Clubstep” is the first secret level and you will need 10 coins to unlock it. The other two are “Theory of Everything 2” and “Deadlocked” which require 20 and 30 coins each. As you can see, the more you play and succeed the more interesting the game becomes.

Unlock New Character Icons

“Achievements” are what you gather by playing the game more and encountering certain objects, introducing friends, completing levels and commenting on custom levels. The more achievements you gather the more icons and color set ups will be unlocked as well.

This essentially lets you customize your profile which gives you very different game experiences.

Millions Of Levels

While the game maker provides you with 21 different levels, you do have access to millions of levels created by other players. The level editor feature of the game allows you to create your own levels and then share those with others. Some of these are really simple, while other people have come up with some truly unique and difficult ones to master.

Before you can share your own creation, you have to prove that it is possible to succeed. You do this by playing the level and getting to the end without being killed. And you have to do this in normal play mode without special upgrades.

What Are The Latest Features?

As with all previous upgrades, version 2.1 has introduced a new official game level called “Fingerdash”. When you consider that the first version had just 7 official levels then you see how much effort is being put into making improvements.

To make it a lot more interesting there are also new objects, and obstacles in the levels, so there are new challenges to overcome. This also extends to new achievements that will give your icons a new look and feel.

The level editor has also been vastly improved which brings all the new objects, color changes and obstacles into play. As a result there will be a load more custom levels created.

With all the user made levels available and the new features introduced you will simply not get bored any time soon.

What Are Flash Based Games?

Adobe Flash is a software platform that allows for graphically based apps and games to be deployed on different types of operating systems. It doesn’t matter if you are a Mac or Windows user, or you love some of the Linux versions available.

In order to play a Flash game, you don’t have to find a version that will work with your computer. All you need to do is make sure you have the latest Flash version installed and you are good to go.

To do this, head over to the Adobe Flash website and use the free version checker. This will tell you whether you need to download an update or the full installation. And the best part is that Adobe Flash is completely free.

Play It Right Here?

Geometry Dash is a truly unique game that will challenge your skills and reflexes. The great thing is that you can get started with it right here on our website. Test your skills right away and find out which of the beats will get you into a rhythm to win all the levels.


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