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Get Addicted To Get On Top

Ever heard of virtual or digital wrestling? Get On Top has filled that gap in the market with a really simple and addictive game. From the moment, you start this two player game you will be addicted and you will almost definitely see some very competitive behavior come out.

The game itself is unique in that as a Flash game it is actually set up as a two-player game. You could play it alone, but there wouldn’t really be much of a challenge in it then.

The graphics and controls are very simple. So simple, that they almost take no explaining further down on this page. The challenge is more down to reading your opponents actions and maybe even employing some dirty tactics.

Keep reading to find out how to make the most of this game.

What Is The Aim Of The Game?

Your aim is to get your opponents’ character onto the ground. As soon as their back and head touch the ground you are declared the winner. Once one of you have won you are ready to play again, and so it goes on.

Strangely enough it is not the on-screen game that is what makes this so much fun. But because you have to play the game with your opponent right next to you, you have a lot of direct interaction with that person. In a digital world where people communicate over social media this is almost a novelty.

As you play more you will find that some physical tactics can come into play as well. Verbal distractions are a great way and the more you can make your opponent laugh the easier it will become for you to win. You will quickly see some hilarious trash talk and that’s why it is such an innovative game.

In a world of extreme graphics where players can be at opposite ends of the world it is great to see a game that does the opposite. You couldn’t make the graphics simpler and you actually have to be at the same keyboard as the other player.

How Do You Control Your Character?

Now, you might be wondering how do two people on one computer play the same game. Especially since both players will have to share the same keyboard as well.

If you grew up in the 80s and 90s then this will not seem strange to you, but we will explain this for younger generations.

One player will have to sit to the right of the screen and use the arrow keys on the keyboard. The second player will sit on the left side and use the WASD keys. The keys will allow you to move your character left and right, as well as up and down.

Dependent on what your opponent does, these actions will either be offense or defense.

This is where it becomes critical to start reading the other players actions and even paying attention to what their hands are doing. The better you can anticipate their actions the more likely you are to pick the right move and beat them.

It might sound simple, but it does take some getting used to. When you combine certain movements, you can put yourself at an advantage or disadvantage. Figuring out those moves will take a bit of time, but don’t let it take too long or you will lose.

Best Times To Play This Game

As this is such an innocent and simple game it is ideal for children and adults. And unlike so many other games there is a lot of human interaction built in. There are no distracting graphics and it will become more about the trash talk between the two players.

So, for kids and families it is a great way to test competition between siblings and parents. And it is a great way to break boredom.

For adults or grown up children this is a fantastic way to settle rivalries and to provide entertainment at parties. You won’t believe how many people will start surrounding a computer at a party looking for a go at such a simple game.

A Computer Is Required

Unlike many other multi player games, Get On Top will require you and your opponent to be physically at the same computer. There is no mobile app version that allows you to connect multiple devices. Instead, you will have to put up with someone being right next to you while you play.

What Is Flash And Where Do You get It?

The most important thing you need to do before you start playing is make sure that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed. Flash is a multi-media software platform that allows for games and applications to be run on various different types of computers.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer a Mac over Windows or love your version of Linux. As long as you have Flash installed you will be able to play all sorts of games. You have the advantage that you don’t have to worry about getting the right version of the game. You also don’t have to go searching whether your computer is supported by the creators.

To help you find out if you are all set up you can use the Adobe website where there is a version checker. This will tell you what you have installed and whether a newer update is available. If there is a new version, then go ahead and install that first. You should also restart your web browser to make sure it is fully set up.

Get Playing Right Now

If you have other competitive friends or family members then you should give this game a try immediately. On this webpage, you have the full version available and it really doesn’t take much skill to get used to it.

Get started right now and find out who is the champion of virtual wrestling. But be warned, this is highly addictive and will bring up rivalries that you didn’t know existed.


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