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Happy Wheels: Simple Guide To One of The Funniest Games

If you like being entertained by games then Happy Wheels is exactly what you need. There is hardly a level available that will not put a smile on your face and make you laugh. The simplest way to explain it is that your task is to get a ragdoll from point a to point b as fast as possible without doing too much damage. Or maybe you enjoy seeing all the dark humour and blood and gore!

The genre is called ragdoll-physics-game as you control a ragdoll and try to overcome the laws of physics in each level. Obstacles are constantly in your way and if you are not careful your ragdoll will lose arms, legs and more.

If you haven’t played it yet, then take advantage of this free game right here on our website. You will definitely be hooked within minutes!

What Is It About?

The creator has stated that he made the game because other similar games did not give enough violence when the ragdoll gets damaged. Also, there were simply not enough variances and ways for you to share your own creations and game replays.

At the start of each level you pick both a character and a transport mode. This can be anything from a zombie in a wheelchair to office worker on a Segway. Available characters are dependent on whether you are using the demo version, registered version or fully paid one.

This also determines how many levels you have available, whether or not you can save your game play and whether you can share your own creations and replays.

What Is The Aim?

I could say the aim is to get from a to b without getting killed and leave you with that much information. But that is not the full story.

Yes, the aim is to try and clear a level as fast as possible. And you should aim to do so without taking too much damage. But in some cases it is actually a lot of fun to see how much damage you can inflict. There are also so many different ways to cause damage that it can become really funny to try out new ways and share them.

Another objective once you become more advanced is to create your own levels. To do this you use the level editor and then test and share your own creations.

You are also able to play any of the over 6 million user creations out there, which means it will never get boring.

Why Is It So Unique?

The first thing you will notice is that as your character ragdoll crashes you will cause some pretty serious damage. This can result in a broken leg, which eventually just gets dragged along behind him.

Sometimes, damage is so great that arms and legs fall off altogether, but you will still be able to steer the vehicle. It does get quite fun to see how damaged the character is at the end of the level.

This is something that the creator says is the main reason he made the game. All other similar games were just not violent enough. Keep in mind that it is just strongly suggested violence, and the graphics are nothing like a GTA style.

Paid vs Free Game

The simplest form of the game is a demo version where you don’t even have to register. This is a great way just to find out what it is about; and probably get hooked at the same time.

To get the more complete game set up you will have to register for a free account and then you get a lot of new features. These include the ability to save game play, share levels you have created and share your own replays with friends.

There is a paid version as well, which is only really useful for mobile devices. All it does is remove the ads, which you might not even find annoying enough. If you don’t like ads popping up all the time then all it takes is $1.99 to remove them.

At the very least you should register for a free account and then get playing. You will spend endless time laughing and it is a great way to deal with spare time you don’t know how to fill.

What Are Flash Games?

Happy Wheels is available as a mobile app and Flash game. To be honest it is quite easy to use on a computer as the controls are so easy. Adobe Flash Player is a piece of software which runs on your computer that allows you to launch Flash based software and games.

One problem is that for mobile devices like iPhones and iPads there is no Flash software available. But on the desktop side of things this is not a problem.

If you have Windows, Mac OS or Linux installed, you will be able to get the latest version of Adobe Flash for free. Just go to the Adobe Flash website and use the version checker to find out what you currently have installed.

If you have an old version then you will immediately be able to download and install the latest version. It is completely free and does not even require a registration before download. Once it has been installed you will not need to do so again, with the exception of some regular updates. And one installation will work for all your Flash games.

Have Some Fun Right Here

If you are intrigued by what you have read so far then you should definitely get started right here. We have made the game available on this webpage and I’m sure you will enjoy it from the very first moment.

Don’t forget to register for a free account as well so that you can get all the extra levels and most importantly save your game play as well. With no payment involved you have nothing to lose and so much fun to gain.


  1. This website is the dumbest thing ever, it’s mostly unblocked for school purposes but then it asks you, oh wait never mind it forces you to like or share the website otherwise you can’t play and the school blocks that. Dumbest thing I’ve ever come across, it’s literally forcing you to because they know that the website is so bad anyway that the only way people will like it or share it is to make them before they play the game



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