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Angry Shooting Emoji Unblocked

About Angry Shooting Emoji Unblocked


Angry Shooting Emoji Unblocked is an enjoyable shooting game. Your duty is to use slingshot and fire emojis in this game to eliminate all monsters.

Monsters of evil menace the emoji universe. Are you prepared to aid in defending the emoji village? You and emojis residents must battle to complete this task. You fire emojis at the monster's tower with a slingshot. If the opponent tower totally crumbles or the monsters inside that tower perish, you win. Keep in mind that you can only use the already number of emojis to kill adversaries. You lose and have to restart the level if you use all of those emojis but the monster is still alive. A tiny white curve appears to help you shoot in the right direction. Take its advantages wisely. Besides, there are also numerous levels in the game. Each time you progress through a level, the difficulty of the next level will increase because there are more monsters and their towers are more powerful. Have a good time!

Features of Angry Shooting Emoji Unblocked:

  • Entertaining game for people to relax and get fun. 
  • Attractive visuals and interesting sound effects. 
  • Single-player. 
  • An increasingly harder shooting game provides a sense of challenge.
  • Win each round to advance to the next.

How to play

To shoot, drag the mouse and then release it.