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Apple Worm Unblocked

About Apple Worm Unblocked


Apple Worm Unblocked is an enjoyable puzzle game. In the game, the task of players is to guide a worm to eat an apple and then get through the portal.

Welcome to the version of the Apple Worm Unblocked game! In order to win the game, your worm is forced to eat an apple to lengthen its body. After that, it could overcome obstacles and go through a gateway to the following level. Players can control the worm by using arrow keys. Use the up and down arrow keys to move the worm up and down. Press the right and left arrow keys to travel right and left, respectively. This worm may move in a variety of ways. It can move when bending over or lying flat. However, it is unable to go backward. 

In addition, the worm was unable to move farther if its body is stuck in a tiny enough place. Therefore, you also need to be careful of the dangers the worm can run into. The worm will die if you move it away from the map or fall into space in another way. This also means that you have to replay that level.

There are a total of 30 levels with varying degrees of difficulty in the game. The complexity of the map and obstacles increases that making the game harder. Level 1 and level 2 help players get accustomed to the game's guidelines. From the next levels, the challenging of the game will be shown. Do not worry If you make a mistake at any point, you may always go back and try again. Enjoy your time!

Game control:

Use WASD keys or arrow keys to navigate the worm.