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Basketball Stars Unblocked

About Basketball Stars Unblocked


Basketball Stars Unblocked is an exciting sports arcade game. In this game, you will transform into famous basketball stars to join intense basketball battles.

Control your character by using the WASD keys to move. Guide your character to score as many goals as possible in the limited time to win the overall. In this game, you have the opportunity to participate in basketball matches as a famous basketball player like Lebron James, Stephen Curry, Derrick Williams, etc. Besides, you have the ability to freeze the opponent's goal by pressing the V or K key. This ability will help you a lot, but you will need time to wait for this special ability to activate.

The game has modes for 1 player and 2 players. In 1 Player mode, you can participate in sub-modes: Training, Random Match, and Tournament. You can practice in Training mode or compete with a random player in Random Match mode. Tournament mode will take you to basketball matches. You will enter the tournament with 7 other players. The loser will be eliminated and the game will end when the final winner is found. The 2 Player mode also gives you 3 sub-modes: 1vs1, 2vs2 and 2vs2CPU. The 1vs1 mode will put you in a basketball duel. 2vs2 mode allows you to play basketball in teams of 2 people. You can control both people in the team to fight. 2vs2CPu mode has the same rules as 2vs2 mode, but in this mode you will play against the machine.

Features of Basketball Stars Unblocked 

  • The competitive sports game
  • Cool graphics and effects
  • Various modes for 1 player and 2 players

How to play

  • Use arrow keys and WASD to control your character.
  • Press V or K to freeze the opponent's goal.