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Cookie Clicker City Unblocked

About Cookie Clicker City Unblocked


Cookie Clicker City Unblocked is a terrific game to play when you want to unwind. By constantly clicking on the enormous cookie, you build your own cookie city.

Regardless of age or gender, Cookie Clicker City Unblocked is an enjoyable game that is ideal for everyone. Simply click the large cookie on the screen to begin. Cookies will be created following each click. You will construct a lovely cookie city for yourself one day using those cookies to purchase, sell, and improve structures.

You will build the city in the game from the very beginning of work up until the emergence of space science. There are a total of 5 unique development phases in the game. Up to 18 structures might be built in your city to boost business productivity. There are almost 700 milestones and 600 enhancements that are awaiting your completion. There are also a lot of fascinating things that are still undiscovered. Come to the Cookie Clicker City Unblocked game to create your own cookie city and explore fascinating things.

How to play

  • Click on the home icon to purchase the structures.
  • Click the arrow symbol to upgrade.
  • Click the cup icon to see your city's accomplishments.
  • Click on the wheel symbol to customize the game according to your preferences.