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Cursed Treasure 1½

About Cursed Treasure 1½


In the tower defense game Cursed Treasure 1½, you have to defend a cache of cursed gems from an evil tyrant. Build defense towers and use magic to prevent the heroes from entering and taking the corrupt jewels.

Construct defense towers
Keep the righteous invaders away from the Cursed Treasure. To stop the robbers from stealing the gems, pick one of the three available towers and position it in a key spot on the map.

Boost your power.
You can take use of dangerous boomerang towers, flaming lasers, and shooting huts. These structures can be continuously improved to add more potent effects.

Utilize effective black magic
Clear trees with your magic spells so you can construct additional towers. There are many different foes, including angels and ninjas, and they all have unique skills. Ninjas are swift, angels can fly, and so on.

Stop the thieves everywhere.
Rather of an unending survivor mode, Cursed Treasure 112 has a set of levels. You can use skill points earned after completing a level to purchase upgrades that are permanent to your magic, gold, and experience.

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  • Build towers to strike the heroes down before they reach the cursed treasure
  • Clear trees with magic, strengthen towers, and launch meteors.
  • Use skill points to purchase long-lasting upgrades in the skill tree.
  • Defeat 15 challenging stages.