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Demon Killer Unblocked

About Demon Killer Unblocked


The action and shooting game named Demon Killer Unblocked was created by Inlogic Software. Your goal in this game is to eliminate every moving skeleton.

Greetings from Demon Killer Unblocked! You are imprisoned in a hazardous and dark environment in this game. On top of that, you are being attacked by moving skeletons that are armed. These moving skeletons are creatures of the night. They appear constantly and run quite quickly. To survive as long as you can, all you can do is keep the gun firmly in your hand and shoot them. The ability to eliminate foes at a distance makes the gun a strong weapon. But this weapon can only hold seven bullets. It will take you a short while to load the rifle with more bullets after you've fired all seven of them. This also represents the biggest flaw. As a result, you need to act quickly.

However, since this game allows you to upgrade your weaponry, you shouldn't worry too much about it. You will get a specific number of bonuses with every moving skeleton you kill. You can upgrade your protection or purchase a weapon that deals greater damage when you have a particular amount of money. Have a good time.

Features of the game

  • 5 weapons and 5 demons types are available
  • Levels and Endless mode
  • Weapon upgrades

How to play

Use the computer mouse to play