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Diggy Unblocked

About Diggy Unblocked


Diggy Unblocked is an exciting arcade and adventure game. In this game, you have to control your character to drill and collect treasures underground.

Welcome to the world of fun entertainment with the adorable Minion character! In this game, you will transform into a Minion to participate in underground explorations. Use your drill to dig underground where there are treasures and precious items. Try to collect as many treasures as possible. In particular, if you collect the red mushroom, it will give you special abilities. However, your drill has limited power. You will have to stop when the energy runs out and return to the ground. you can start your search the next day. Note when digging, you should avoid the stones so as not to damage the drill. You can use radar to find treasure easier because it will indicate the location of precious items.

Collect treasures and earn gold coins. Use this money to upgrade equipment. you can upgrade the energy for the drill and the radar. There are 4 types of batteries: solar battery, rechargeable battery, seismic and diggillium. Each of these power supplies a large amount of energy to the drill during each mining start. Radar also has many types for you to raise caps. There is Lucky radar, Navy Radar, Price radar and Doppler radar. The higher the money, the more accurate the detection. Besides, you can also unlock new minerals.

Features of Diggy Unblocked

  • Attractive gameplay and easy controls
  • Upgrade drill and radar
  • Collect as many treasures as possible

How to play

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Press the left mouse button and pull your mouse to dig
  • Press the E key to activate the rada