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Drift 3 Unblocked

About Drift 3 Unblocked


Drift 3 Unblocked is an intriguing multiplayer driving game in which you need to control your car to run as long as possible to become the last survival person.

Control your car by clicking and holding the left mouse button. You just need to hold down to change the direction of movement and release it to return to the old direction.

In this game, you will participate in an endless race with 7 other players. You will have to overcome challenging tracks with twists and turns. You will face small and narrow roads. Will you be able to overcome these difficult passages? The winner is the person who runs as far as possible. Avoid falling into space if you don't want to stop the game. Besides, you can push other players off the track to destroy them. This will make it easier for you to be the leader in that game. However, you need to be careful because other players can also push you or you can easily fall into space during the push.

This Drift 3 game is a multiplayer game to keep you competitive and fun. Start this game now to enjoy intense races for the top spot. The game has engaging gameplay and easy controls. Enjoy it!

Features of Drift 3 Unblocked

  • Easy controls and exciting gameplay
  • Compete with 7 other players
  • Choose your favourite cars

How to play

  • Press or release the left mouse button to control your vehicle's direction.