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Duck Life Unblocked

About Duck Life Unblocked


Duck Life Unblocked is one of the most hilarious and engaging arcade farming games recently. In this game, your duty is to raise a little duck to earn coins in order to rebuild the farm.

Everything on your property was destroyed in a calamity caused by a tornado. The only thing you still possess is a duck egg. How to bring your farm back to its original prosperity. The little duck egg is what determines this. After the egg is hatched, you have to train it by taking part in playing a variety of minigames. You can improve your duck's sprinting, swimming, and flying abilities by doing this. The duck will become stronger and quicker as it is instructed. During the time of training courses, your duck can gather gold coins.

Additionally, it's critical to keep in mind the significance of diet for an athletic duck. You can buy the blue seed, which offers you a lot of energy and is fully supported by the duck Olympic committee. There are also regular grains available. Give your duck these seeds to increase energy before participating in any races.

Following that, you can participate in races to earn a ton of gold coins and unlock new items in the shop. To build the farm, the collected gold coins earned throughout training and competitions are the keys.

Features of Duck Life Unblocked: 

  • A variety of minigames to play.
  • Energizing food.
  • Earning coins.
  • Simple to control.
  • Beautiful graphics and interesting sounds. 

How to play

  • The up arrow =  jump.
  • The down arrow = dive. 
  • The left and right arrow keys = move left and right.