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Fleeing the Complex Unblocked

About Fleeing the Complex Unblocked


Fleeing the Complex Unblocked is an intriguing stick game in the Henry Stickmin adventure series in which escaping from prison and enjoying the freedom of life are your goals.

Welcome to the best stick figure escape games - Fleeing the Complex Unblocked! There is a cruel prison that everyone who hears its name must fear and you will turn into a stick figure who is imprisoned in a small dirty cell. You long for freedom and want to live and enjoy the beautiful outside world again because you do not know how long will you live if you stay in this stuffy prison. As a result, you prepare an escape strategy.

You must skillfully elude thousands of police eyes in order to flee. There will be suggested options for you. Making wise judgments quickly is not entirely simple. It may be claimed that rapid thinking, strategy, and judgment are essential to winning the game. The responsibility is to choose the appropriate paths, tools, and maneuvers to break into or out of various areas to escape. You can receive assistance from your surroundings and even your friends as you flee. Furthermore,  not every decision you make has a positive outcome. Of course, not every choice you make will have a negative result, even though some do produce "fails" immediately away. Therefore, think carefully. 


Fleeing the Complex is the 5th in the Henry Stickmin adventure series. The game was developed by Puffballs United and released in November 2015.

How to play

Players use the computer mouse to select options that appear on the screen.