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Four In A Row Unblocked

About Four In A Row Unblocked


Four In A Row Unblocked is an intriguing title in this kind of puzzle game in which you compete against other real players in creating a line of discs.

The objective of this game is to create a line of 4 discs that has the same color before your opponent does it. The gameplay is extremely easy when you and your opponent must take turns dropping a disc into the columns. Whoever makes the first line of 4 discs wins.

In order to respond to your opponent's actions swiftly and precisely, try to prepare your winning moves in advance and predict his or her potential future moves. If you discover any groups of three discs belonging to your rival, put your disc there right away to obstruct the fourth position. Besides, the time allocated for each round is only 30 seconds. If after 30 seconds, you do not put your disc, your opponent will continue the game. 

Try your hardest to be the first player to form a specific line of 4 discs. Keep in mind that this line could be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. During the game, keep an eye on the chat box on the left of the screen, which enables you to communicate with your opponent. There are three modes which are "online player", your friends in the "2 players" section, and "play with the computer" for you to play. Are you ready to compete? Good luck!

Features of Four In A Row Unblocked:

  • Three modes of online player, 2 players, and play with the computer are available
  • Many colors and sizes for you to choose
  • Simple to understand and control

How to play

Use your computer mouse to play.