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Free Rider 3

About Free Rider 3


Free Rider 3 is a high-octane road-creation game in which you race a bicycle on tracks built by other riders. You can even design your own racetrack!
Free Rider 3 is the third instalment in the popular bike-riding game series Free Rider. The game includes a fantastic track-building mode where you can design and test your own track. You can also go on a mission spree and complete other players' tracks or submit your own track to the public for others to rate. The track editor has also been improved and optimized!
Riding a bike has never been easier with new features like No Die Mode and anti-gravity mode! In Free Rider 3, you can make your own track or play on others'. Have fun with the default packs or player-created ones!
Game Features:
Compete for the fastest times and perform insane stunts
View replays
Bookmark your favourite tracks
Thousands of tracks created by users
Use the full-featured editor to create your own track!

How to play

Up/Down: Accelerate and Brake
Left/Right: Control
Mouse Wheel: Zoom In and Zoom Out
ENTER: Reset
[Z]: Change Direction
[C]: Steady Cam On/Off