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Ghost Fight IO Unblocked

About Ghost Fight IO Unblocked


Ghost Fight IO Unblocked is a thrilling ghost io game, you play as a ghost that wanders through a cemetery and tries to increase your strength in order to become the ruler.

Have you ever wondered what it will be like in the afterlife? This issue seems to never have a certain answer. However, the game Ghost Fight IO Unblocked has created a thrilling but hostile world for ghosts. Players will act as roaming ghosts in a sizable graveyard and their daily goal is to survive and be stronger and stronger.

You must make a ghost with his name for yourself before starting the game. After done, without further delay, the game begins.

You will suddenly appear in a graveyard filled with ghosts or other online gamers in another way. There are multicolored energy blobs swirling all around you. These luminous blobs are vital to eat since they will make you stronger.

Other ghosts and you are entirely possible to encounter each other when you are proceeding through the energy collection process. If they are stronger than you, leave the area because the stronger ghost can murder you and turn you into his next source of energy. If you are stronger, though, you might view him as food. Continue in this manner until you reach the game's peak strength.

Compare the scores above your head to those of the other ghosts to see who is stronger than you. You can see who the top players are thanks to the scoreboard in the upper left corner of the screen. The three different boosters that are available are magnets, shields, and boots. While boots will hasten your pace, you must be cautious when using them. Magnets will draw glittering balls to your feet, shields will deflect hostile attacks.

Features of Ghost Fight IO Unblocked:

  • Beautiful graphic and interesting sound effects.
  • Play with other online players from all over the world. 
  • Revive mode is available.

How to control

Your character can be moved with the mouse, the ASDW, or the arrow keys.