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Gunfight.io Unblocked

About Gunfight.io Unblocked


Gunfight.io Unblocked is one of the most popular and intriguing shooting and IO games recently. In this game, you will engage in a gunfight with the opposition.

Your goal in this game, whether you play the terrorist or the counter-terrorist, is to kill your opponent. You and your team members must possess expert shooting skills, including moving, aiming, reflexing, and strategy, because other live players, not a computer, will be competing against you in this game. It implies that they are using unique tactics to harm you.

On the one hand, take advantage of topographic and crouch behind things to avoid being fired at by the enemy. You might pick up a rocket on some maps and use it to deal a lot of damage. Besides, you also use some commands placed in the left corner of the screen to communicate with your teammates in certain cases. On the other hand, you have to stand up and expose your body when you fire your adversaries. It implies that becoming vulnerable to an attack is fairly simple. Consequently, you must take great care at every turn.

Features of Gunfight.io Unblocked:

  • Multiple players
  • Beautiful 3D graphics games, as well as engaging sound effects
  • Simple to control

How to play 

A / left arrow key = to move left 

D / right arrow key = to move right 

W/ up arrow key = to stand up

S/ down arrow key = to take cover

Click the right mouse button to aim 

Click the left mouse button to shoot