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Happy Wheels Unblocked

About Happy Wheels Unblocked


Happy Wheels Unblocked is a thrilling running action game in which you need to control a man with a wheelchair to overcome obstacles and reach the destination.

Control your character using the arrow keys. Use the up arrow key to move forward and the down arrow key to move backwards. Use left and right arrow keys to balance the character. In this game, you will face a lot of difficulties. You have to cross the chasms with the small crossbar. Avoid deadly traps and overcome rough roads. Your main character is a man in a wheelchair, so moving along the roads is not easy. You will have difficulty balancing the wheelchair. This game has elements of violence. You can see the man's limbs fall off when he collides with obstacles. You can also see the man being killed by grisly traps. Are you brave enough to play this game?

This Happy Wheels Unblocked game has many different levels with its own challenges. You can experience each level to challenge yourself. This game is not suitable for children because of its violent element. Pay attention! You can unlock different characters to use the different abilities of each character. For example, you can jump and turbo boosts his jet thruster to move faster with the purchase of the Segway Guy character.

Features of Happy Wheels Unblocked

  • Various levels and characters
  • Reach the destination to complete a level
  • Have elements of violence

How to play

  • Use arrow keys to move.