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Healing Rush Unblocked

About Healing Rush Unblocked


Healing Rush Unblocked is an addictive arcade game in which you have to cure patients to earn money and expand your hospital with new patient areas.

You start the game by treating sick patients. The patients come and wait for you to heal. Take them to the hospital bed, get the appropriate medication and give it to the patient to take. After the patient uses the medicine, they will recover and pay you. Collect this money to hire staff and expand the hospital. You can hire a nurse to take care of the patient and bring the patient to the hospital bed. Besides, you also need to use the money to book more hospital beds. After you have enough money, unlock the next healing areas. Patients come in continuously and do not stay awake. Can you meet people's medical needs? Especially, there are VIP guests. After healing them, you can get a bag of gold.

This entertaining game promises to bring you moments of great entertainment with attractive gameplay and easy controls. You just need to slide your mouse to move your character and he will automatically interact with everything. Let’s start this unblocked game now to become a doctor!

Features of Healing Rush Unblocked

  • Attractive gameplay and easy controls
  • Hire employees and expand your hospitals
  • Cure as many patients as possible

How to play

  • Slide your mouse.