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Hole.io Unblocked

About Hole.io Unblocked


Hole.io Unblocked is an incredibly captivating io game. In this game, you take control of a hole and move it to eat anything in your path to widen the hole.

Your ultimate objective is to widen your hole in size as big as possible by collecting everything on the road. The game is a multiplayer game, so you have to compete against holes of players from all over the world. When your hole is bigger than the others, you can eat them. As you become larger, your speed drops. There are several different play modes available in the game, such as standard, battle royale, team, and solo runs. Additionally, you choose from a range of maps with stunning layouts and eye-catching backgrounds. You can improve your hole in several ways by completing some quests. While playing the game, look at the leaderboard in the right corner of the screen to see where you stand.

Its numerous unique features and amazing graphics will drive you to become addicted to it after only one time of playing the game. Start the game by clicking on it, then pick the cool skin to dominate the competition.

How to play

Swipe the computer mouse to navigate the hole