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Kick The Dahmer

About Kick The Dahmer


Everyone is welcome to participate in the action-themed, exhilarating online game Kick The Dahmer. Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is waiting for you to comply with his requests. Let's explode, shoot, fire, freeze, transmit electricity with metal rods, and let's not even think about stopping. You have access to an almost limitless variety of weapons, such as grenades, automatic weapons, rocket launchers, and flamethrowers. What have you planned? Sign up for Kick the Dahmer now!

Online, let's defeat the Dahmer!

When you have enough funds to utilize them to buy weapons, hold them away from the criminal to use them and deal even more harm to him. Click on the convict's head, arms, legs, and body to hit him. You gain more cash for doing greater damage.
You can buy knives, hammers, seesaws, guns, and other kinds of weapons. You can even yank him away and force him to hit the jail walls. Inflicting more damage and obtaining combos by continually clicking on your target without missing will result in more money being earned.
That is all there is to it, so enjoy yourself. It's really that simple, so start having fun right away and be sure to check out more of our daily games following this because you won't want to miss them!


  • Gamers are drawn in by the stunning 3D graphics and the abundance of helpful features, such as the availability of weapons and ammunition.
  • Any application can be configured with ease.

How to play

Clicking or touching the screen on a tablet or smartphone is all it takes for players to participate in the challenge when using those devices. Good luck!