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Maze Escape 3D Unblocked

About Maze Escape 3D Unblocked


Maze Escape 3D Unblocked is an intriguing puzzle game about maze escape. In this game, your objective is to explore the maze without being lost.

A maze is a mysterious thing and thousands of people are trying to explore mazes over the world every year. In this 3D game of Maze Escape 3D Unblocked, you take on the role of a maze explorer and travel the globe to discover mazes. There are an entrance gate and an exit gate in each maze. Once a person takes a step into the maze,  it is highly likely that you will become lost or cannot go out of the maze. The reason is that there are a lot of forks that cause you to hesitate when choosing the way to continue the exploration journey. Therefore, take care when attempting to judge the direction that will lead you to the exit door.

You'll pass by heart-shaped objects along the route; gather them since you'll need them later. In addition, this game has three modes, including classic, dark, and master. From the easiest to the hardest for you to play, there are several levels in each mode. Do not worry if you are not an expert at escaping mazes, we will start at the basic level. Everything requires some perseverance and effort. Good luck! 

Features of Maze Escape 3D Unblocked: 

  • Single-player.
  • Players feel challenged by the game's three distinct modes and numerous stages.
  • Interesting sound effects and gorgeous 3D graphics.

How to control

Use the computer mouse or tap to control the character.