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Paper IO 2 Unblocked

About Paper IO 2 Unblocked


Paper IO 2 Unblocked is an intriguing arcade game. Come to this game to participate in survival battles by circling the lands to cover the largest area.

In this game, you will control your character to cavity the surrounding land to form your own land. Slide the mouse to move. Note that you need to avoid hitting your tail in order not to die. You also need to be careful not to get hit in your tail by other players. Your tail is the vulnerable and critical part of you. Be careful and return to your land as soon as you see the enemy. Besides, you can also stab other players' tails to destroy them. The more land you circle, the higher your score and the higher the position on the leaderboard. Follow the leaderboard at the top right of the screen to check your position. Can you take the lead in this entertaining game?

This game is an endless game with colourful graphics and amazing effects. In addition, you can choose your favourite mode. There are different modes like Classic Paper.io 2, Small map. Fast Speed, World conflict, Battle royale, and Teams. Besides, you can use existing skins or unlock new skins by performing quests. Complete a quest to get a new skin for your character.

Features of Paper IO 2 Unblocked

  • The multiplayer fighting game
  • Colourful graphics and easy controls
  • Various modes and skins

How to play

  • Slide your mouse.