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Punch Bob Unblocked

About Punch Bob Unblocked


Punch Bob Unblocked is a fun physics platformer game. In this game, your objective is to defeat your opponents with physic collision jumps. Enjoy your time!

Welcome to Punch Bob Unblocked! You play a role of a strong boxer in the game. Eliminate his adversaries to help him prevail. To have the character jump on the opponent and kill them, you must modify the character's height and jump direction. Although it appears to be extremely easy, it is not. If you jump into the tall wall, you will get stuck. If you can't move the first time, you need to leap several times to go over the high wall and punch your opponent. Besides, you need to be careful with traps like bombs because you lose if you jump into the bomb.

The terrains in this game also come in a variety. The game also will be more and more difficult in the obstacles and the number of opponents. However, nothing is impossible. Therefore, make smart strategies to defeat all. The great features such as interesting graphics and exciting sound effects will give you great moments. Do not hesitate to play the game right now. 

How to play

Hold tap or use the computer mouse to aim your jump, fireball, or bomb.