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Riot Escape Unblocked

About Riot Escape Unblocked


Riot Escape Unblocked is a humorous action and running game from the arcade genre. In this game, you play as a stickman who must flee from the police to a safe location or as the police who are chasing the fugitives. 

How to play Riot Escape Unblocked 

As an escapee

On the one side, if you are an escapee, it is your responsibility to make every effort to evade capture. The goal is to get to the finish of the map without being stopped by the cops; if you succeed, it means you win. In contrast, if the police stop you, you lose. You must outsmart law enforcement by running quickly, climbing buildings, and dodging traps in order to accomplish your mission. You can also use the terrain as cover and wait until the appropriate moment to cross the finish line.

As the police

On the other side, it is the responsibility of a police officer to use force to disperse the rioters and stop them from fleeing. There are a lot of rioters there, so you have to act quickly to put them down. If there are a certain number of stickmen who escape, you lose and have to start over.

Unleash your temporary upgrades

At the beginning of each game, you can choose between two temporary improvements. For example, you can choose increased speed, obtaining a bike, flying, or growing very large. They are extremely helpful for you. 

Features of Riot Escape Unblocked:

  • You can play this game on the Web browser, android, or iOS.
  • 3D graphics and vibrant sound effects
  • Simple to control

How to control your character:

Use the WASD or arrow keys to play.