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Shell Shockers Unblocked

About Shell Shockers Unblocked


Shell Shockers Unblocked is a highly thrilling well-liked IO and shooting game. You compete against other online shooter eggs in this game as a shooter egg.

Eggs are a kind of inanimate food, but this notion will no longer exist in the separate online world of shooter eggs - Shell Shockers Unblocked. Online shooter eggs mean that real people from all over the world enroll in this game in the form of an egg. When you enter in this world, as I indicated, your duty is to shoot and compete against other online shooter eggs. Shell Shockers features more than 40 different maps and three game modes. You may also completely design your egg right now by adding unique colors, caps, stamps, and payloads. Enter the battle with many weapons such as an Eggk-47, RPEGG, or Crackshot. Don't forget to use the power-ups by clicking on the chicken nugget at the bottom while smashing the other eggs in battle! In Shell Shockers, you can access your KDR (Kill Death Ratio). It enables you to keep track of how frequently you win and perish. Check to discover if your KDR is higher than your pals if you enjoy competition.

Game mode

The group

A red and a blue team are two teams in this game. Work together as a team to eliminate other team members. You can switch teams only if the opposite side has fewer players.

Free for all

Each player takes part in the battle with another. The player with the most kills ultimately takes the victory in the game.

Captula the Spatula

Each team will have a golden spoon. After stealing the spoon from your adversary, let’s put it back into your own spoon. The spoon will drop to the ground upon death, but you can pick it up to recover or continue your ally's journey!

How to play Shell Shockers:

Move around using WASD. Keep looking around with the cursor to spot enemies.

Press spacebar = Jump

Cursor = Scan the area for enemies

Press LShift = Aim 

Left click = Shoot

Press Q. Grenades = Throw

Press R = Reload your weapon

Press E = Switch weapons