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Slash Royal Unblocked

About Slash Royal Unblocked


Slash Royale Unblocked is one of the most interesting actions and survival games recently. The main duty of this game is to find out different kinds of weapons and kill others with the final aim of being the king. 

Welcome to the Slash Royale Unblockedgame! you as a stickman resident will take part in a survival competition with many other players. The rule of this game is very simple and easy to understand.  In a certain area with different-shaped cubes, there are many different weapons from primitive to sharp, from ancient to modern such as swords, guns, bombs, wood, or baseball bat. You really need to quickly run and climb to take the best weapons. As a result, you are likely to defeat others. During that battle, it is necessary for you to take advantage of the terrain to be able to avoid strong enemies, and wait for the opportunity and destroy them. Besides, there are also arrows that direct you to know your opponents' positions. From that, you know where they are and find them to take a battle. The one who kills the most opponents will be the one who becomes king with a golden crown on his head.

Features of Slash Royal:

  • Multi-players
  • 3D beautiful graphics and interesting sound effects
  • Easy to control

How to play

Use the computer mouse or arrow keys to move.