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Snake IO Unblocked

About Snake IO Unblocked


Snake IO Unblocked is an exciting multiplayer action and adventure game in which you need to collect power dots and eliminate other players to survive.

Control your snake to collect as many energy dots as possible. To control the snake, you slide the mouse to move. Energy dots are scattered all over the playing screen, so you can collect them easily. The more energy dots you eat, the bigger your size. Besides, you can destroy other players by making them crash into you. Any snake that hits another snake, that snake will die. When they die, the snakes will leave behind a rich source of energy. Collecting this energy makes you significantly stronger. Attack your opponents and be careful not to fall into the traps of other players. This game also has bugs. You can eat these bugs as food. In particular, after you die, you can turn into a bug to collect energy vials. Fill this jar to revive. In addition, there are baby parasites that attach to you to suck energy. Speed ​​up and go through the bushes to remove them. Note that you will die if you hit the rock.

This game is a competitive multiplayer game with engaging gameplay and easy controls. You can experience intense battles for the top spot on the leaderboard. You can unlock new skins for your character.

Features of Snake IO Unblocked

  • The fascinating and attractive action game
  • Collect power dots and unlock new skins
  • Eye-catching graphics and easy controls

How to play

  • Slide your mouse.