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Squad Tower Unblocked

About Squad Tower Unblocked


Squad Tower Unblocked is a game of a combination between puzzle, action, and strategic genres. Your task is to battle and destroy opponents in their tower.

Your mission

In this game, you will come across towers that are filled with enemies. As I mentioned earlier, it is your responsibility to employ puzzle-solving skills, strategy, and incredible actions to take out your opponents in their tower. Use your computer mouse to drag the game characters to combat your opponent. Before moving your game character, think carefully to choose the best suitable opponent. If you choose the one who is more strong than you, you are highly likely defeated. Good luck!

Tips to play the game:

On the very top of each game's character, you can see a small number. The strength of each character is represented by these numbers. To win all, battle against the opponents with the lower number in order to strengthen yourself. After that, defeat all and become the winner. 

Features of the game:

  • The game is designed for one player. 
  • Different characters are available in the game.
  • There are a variety of weapons.
  • Multi-levels with increasing difficulty levels due to the increase of the number and the strength of opponents. 
  • The game has simple graphics but attractive and interesting sound effects.

How to play

Drag your game character to the front of opponents with the computer mouse.