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Stick Defenders

About Stick Defenders


Stick Defenders: What is it?

Defenders of sticks

Stick Defenders is the ideal fusion of tower defense games with stickman games, with aspects of shooting and all-out battle in it. We have all thoroughly enjoyed playing it from beginning to end, therefore we invite you to do the same since it would be shame if you didn't!
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By using the mouse, you can put stick soldiers along the wall behind the barrier, where you can combine two of the same level to create a unit that is bigger and stronger than the one before. When the enemies attack, the stick soldiers will instantly begin shooting and hitting them.


By using the mouse, you can put stick soldiers along the wall behind the barrier, where you can combine two of the same level to create unit that is bigger and stronger than the one before. When the enemies attack, the stick soldiers will instantly begin shooting and hitting them
As the process continues and you are still alive and standing, you must utilize the money you make to purchase additional units and expand your army in order to be able to defend yourself against waves that will only become stronger in the future. 
Success and pleasure!