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Stickman vs Zombies Unblocked

About Stickman vs Zombies Unblocked


Stickman vs Zombies Unblocked is one popular and interesting shooting game. In this game, the player takes on the role of a stickman holding a rifle and does his best to eliminate every zombie.

Have you ever thought about having zombies in our world? What will you do in this situation against these zombies if the answer is "yes"? which one do you choose: run or fight? If you want to explore the world like that, let's step inside the zombie-filled world of Stickman vs Zombie Unblocked. The law of this universe is really straightforward. You will take part in a battle for survival where you use a gun to defend yourself by shooting zombies. If not, you pass away.

As you are all aware, the zombie is a type of creature with excellent hearing. As a result, as soon as you start shooting, zombies will start to gather around you more and more due to the gun's sound. Besides, stickmen and zombies alike can be killed by dangerous traps like enormous saw blades, fire, acid, explosive barrels, spikes, spears, and rolling stones. In addition, killing them is likely to result in you getting gold coins. In order to upgrade your weapon, gather gold coins. What are you waiting for without entering this world? 

Features of Stickman vs Zombies Unblocked: 

  • Single-player
  • Several levels of platformers
  • Beautiful 3D visuals and energetic sound effects
  • Easy to control

How to play

Use the computer mouse to play.