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Stickman Warriors Unblocked

About Stickman Warriors Unblocked


Stickman Warriors Unblocked is one of the coolest fun action games in the stickman games. In this game, your mission is to defeat all other players to become the strongest. 

Welcome to the deadly world of Stickman Warriors Unblocked!

Instruction to play

Before entering the arena, let's create yourself a stickman warrior. You can customize the name and appearance of your warriors and give them different outfits. Once you've equipped your stickman warrior, you can step into the fray immediately!

When entering the arena, look around yourself and collect colorful glass pieces to make your stickman warrior stronger both in increasing size and the ability of weapon resistance. If you see another stickman or online player in a different way, pick up the weapons and use them to defeat him because that stickman is trying to kill you. Continue to move and try to avoid getting hurt. Besides, If your opponent loses, he will turn into colorful pieces of glass. Collect it as your own spoils.

On the top and the right corner of the screen, you can the heart-shaped blooding bar and the list of the best players. They allow you to know your stickman warrior's health and your fighting ability. Become a stickman warrior right away! This game is a ton of fun, and you'll find yourself returning to the arena time and time again to compete for the top rank.

How to control

Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to move and attack.