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Super Mario Riders Unblocked

About Super Mario Riders Unblocked


Super Mario Riders Unblocked is an exciting running adventure game. Your mission is to complete levels by overcoming obstacles and reaching the destination.

Welcome to the world of Mario where you can experience exciting adventures! In this game, you have to control the Mario character by clicking on the mouse's left button to jump. You can make high jumps with a double click. You need to jump over obstacles like wormholes, monsters, spikes and carnivorous plants. If you touch them, you will die. Besides, you need to collect coins and stars to get extra points. Use gold coins to unlock new characters like Luigi, Toad and Toadette. Note that there are brown backgrounds. They will fall down after you hit them so be careful when jumping over them.

This game has many different levels. Run to the destination to complete that level and proceed to the next level.

You can collect secret gift boxes to receive surprise gifts. Gather mushrooms that can give you special powers. You will not be injured by obstacles after eating the mushroom. Your character will run automatically. Don't leave Mario stuck behind platforms if you don't want the game over. Let’s participate in this unblocked game to enjoy eye-catching graphics and cool effects!

Features of Super Mario Riders Unblocked

  • Collect coins and stars to unlock new characters
  • Many different levels
  • Vivid graphics and superb effects

How to play

  • Click your mouse to jump.