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Tactical Assassin Unblocked

About Tactical Assassin Unblocked


Tactical Assassin Unblocked is a game about snipers. In order to complete your mission in this game, you must aim properly and eliminate your opponents rapidly.

In this game, you assume the role of a proficient sniper assassin. After that, you are given chores to complete. While maintaining accurate aim, try your best to hit your target with a single shot. It is important to be careful because your opponents stand in the crowd of residents. Therefore, you must correctly guess who your rivals are. Don't murder citizens who are unarmed. You should also make sure that your shooting timing and order are perfect. Your mission is a failure if you are apprehended and the warning alarm sounds. If you finish all of your missions and satisfy your customers, you can earn a lot of money.

There are seven missions in this game, including killing the militiamen and the doorman as well as gunning down the head arm dealer's bodyguard. Every assignment offers unique challenges. Additionally, the missions will always be increasingly difficult. 

With vivid 3D visuals and energetic sounds, this shooting Tactical Assassin Unblocked game is perfect for you to relax and increase your competitiveness.

How to play

  • Check the brief by pressing the up arrow key.
  • Start the mission by pressing the down arrow key.
  • To aim, use the mouse.
  • To fire, click the left mouse button.