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Tap Tap Shots Unblocked

About Tap Tap Shots Unblocked


Tap-Tap Shots Unblocked is a compelling basketball game, in which you click the mouse to make the ball leap in order to score before the timer runs out.

Directions for playing

This Tap-Tap Shots Unblocked game is incredibly simple to play. To earn points, all you have to do is click your computer mouse to make the ball jump. You will need to click more than once while playing if you want to succeed in earning points. Additionally, it's critical to pay attention to the timer at the top of the screen because if you fail to put the ball in the basket before it expires, you lose.

Advice for playing the game:

Continue tapping to slightly shift the ball as it gets closer to the net. If you miss, the ball will fall.

After getting a score, continue to play, beginning a never-ending cycle that lasts until you run out of time.

Think quickly to avoid running out of time. The best course of action if you miss is to quickly click to spin around and try again, but be cautious not to overshoot this time!

Features of Tap Tap Shots Unblocked:

  • A basketball game with easy gameplay.
  • The game will be more and more difficult when constantly changing baskets' height.
  • Many platforms are available.
  • Single-player.