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Temple Run 2: Holi Festival

About Temple Run 2: Holi Festival


Imangi created the infinite runner game Temple Run 2: Holi Festival. In Temple Run 2, the vibrant temples have been redesigned as places to celebrate Holi! By avoiding all the hazards and traps along the way, take the gold idol and make your getaway. From the rainbow waterfalls to the delicate columns dusted in various colors, the Holi Festival map adds some vibrancy to the traditional Temple Run 2 experience. Are you up for a brand-new thrilling journey?

Play the renowned Temple Run 2 games on GameBridge, including Temple Run 2: Frozen Shadows and Temple Run 2: Jungle Fall! How can you accomplish Holi Festival in Temple Run 2? Collect free coins, enhance your character's stats, leap over the double jump obstacle with precision, and make sure to finish the stage's objective. How can I play on a PC? You may play in your browser without downloading or installing anything. Will the Holi Festival conclude in Temple Run 2?

No. There is no end to the temple because the game is an infinite runner; the player will keep playing until their chosen character runs into a significant obstacle, falls into water, or gets surrounded by demon monkeys. Is the game Temple Run 2: Holi Festival available online or only locally? To play, you must have an online connection. Describe a monster. The primary villains of Temple Run and its follow-up are Evil Demon Monkeys (or demon monkeys). To get their hands on the golden idol, they pursue the player. A power meter is what? To get temporary speed and invincibility, gather coins and fill the power meter. How can you become stronger? Open "Ability" and select the ability you want to strengthen, such as

Temple Run 2: Holi Festival was created by who?

Holi Festival is a brand-new map in the sequel to the popular Temple Run game. Imangi conceived of it.

How to play Temple Run 2: Holi Festival online?
Scroll Keyboard

  • AD or Arrow Keys Left / Right Jump
  • W or Arrow Keys Up Slide Down
  • Arrow key S or Down Move Move and rotate
  • swipe left / right Jump
  • swipe up Slide
  • swipe down